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"I loved doing the soul care challenge. Jasmin did it in a way that was very inspiring, visually appealing and easy to understand. I felt God's truth really speak to me and I understood more about my true identity. In the past few years I’ve been on a healing journey. This really helped me to gain more revelation, I felt God's presence with us and I felt safe in this closed online group environment. I would highly recommend doing this challenge as an important time out for yourself & healing for your soul." 💕

Jade C

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"Thank you very much for the 3 Day Soul Care Challenge.
The last 10yrs have been an absolute roller coaster for us as we struggled with fertility. I found it knocked my confidence so much as a women. I gave up my career, all the things I loved and enjoyed & committed everything to falling pregnant and having healthy babies. Throughout this time, I put my faith in God and held onto all the promises from the Bible. I felt extremely blessed I knew who God was, I was strong in my faith and knew who I was because of God. We are thankful and so blessed now with 3 healthy beautiful girls & love.

Following the birth of the twins I was very poorly for the first three months, had a few operations due to Placenta Accrete and was close to dying, but God showed me his faithfulness once again. It took me a long time to recover but I stayed strong and fought.

This time my fight was not as strong, I realised how difficult having 3 kids under the age 4 was. It was demanding & exhausting physically, mentally and emotionally. For the first time I had no time for feeding my soul & my heart. The only thing I did and still do now is pray with the kids at bedtime & listen to praise and worship as I put them to sleep. We read Bible stories to the kids and teach them about God. But honestly have not done much to feed my heart and my soul. I just keep running my day on the bare minimum which has not been very healthy for me.

I saw your advert in Facebook & it was like a light bulb had switched on, I prayed about it as I knew these areas of my life had been suffering because I had not prioritised me, My Heart & My Soul. I had put everyone and everything else first. Day 2 of the Soul Care Challenge You asked the questions? What controls you? Is it your mood? What defines your mood? This made me cry as I knew that my exhausted heart and soul was controlling my mood. It is not a healthy one, it has not been fed for a long time. But also there were many underlying issues from my past that was filtering through, the loss of my parents -and the impact that has had on me following the birth of my kids. Not being able to enjoy sharing so many moments with them.

You then spoke about Inner Healing and this was so overwhelming for me as I needed to hear these truths, I have been suppressing for so long, always trying to be strong for everyone but myself. Not been able to grieve the loss of my parents and the miscarriages we had, as I chose to shut it out and stay focussed on what I had and life ahead of me. But as I pass various milestones these keep creeping in and hurting me.

The 3 day Soul Care Challenge has highlighted that I am a Person, My Heart & Soul is important & I need to come to terms with the things that I am allowing to define how I feel. I need to let go of a few things, find time to strengthen my heart & soul through prayer & the word of God. I need to get back to being the strong confident women in Christ I was. I need to get my heart & soul healed and whole in order to get a positive loving mood on always. This is a process I know, but your words of love and wisdom has started the process for me. I am so thankful and will love if you could keep me in prayer as I journey through this process." 😍Charlene A T


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